Welcome to my world. Grab a seat, buckle up, and hang on!

Welcome to my insanity. I hope you will enjoy your visit. This website is here for the sole purpose of allowing you to join me on the journey of building my dream career and getting to know me. By the time that you finish exploring this site, I hope that you will become a fan and if not, I sincerely hope that you’ll at least become a friend. 



I’m probably the most boring person on the face of the planet in reality. I am a stay-at-home mom of two. I’m an extreme introvert, although I do enjoy meeting new people. As long as it’s not in accordance to some kind of a social situation. Randomly getting drawn into a conversation with total strangers on the street is great. I like meeting people without feeling like there are any expectations of me.

I love the unusual, weird, odd, and off the wall. I would rather explore abandoned buildings and old graveyards than shop or go to social gatherings. Just so you know, I HATE to shop, unless it’s at the hardware store. I thoroughly enjoy building and working with power tools.

I can usually be found holed up with my computer working unless my husband talks me into spending the day on the beach with him fishing on Oak Island or to the waterfront in Southport.

I’ve always considered myself a mountain girl but I have developed an unexpected love for the Southport waterfront. I could while away a day swinging, reading or writing, and watching the ships. I do not, however, have the same warm-fuzzies for the beach and sand.

I love history, gardening, and being outside. My two favorite forms of stress relief are getting my hands dirty working with plants and building. Both are also excellent ways to combat writer’s block.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m not your typical girl. I have no idea how to be a typical girl. My writing styles are as varied as my reading preferences. As long as the story can pull me in within the first few paragraphs, I will devour the rest.

If you stay with me, you’ll learn more about my weirdness by reading my blog posts. Believe me, some of the random thoughts that pop into my head when I’m going about normal household chores can be absolutely off the wall.

I hope that if nothing else, I can at least bring a smile to your face. Happy Reading.



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Stalled Out.

I was positive that I would be working on editing “King’s Treasure” by now with a publication date in sight. But life doesn’t always work out like we plan. In fact, I’m at a complete standstill with my writing. On December third, we made the decision to withdraw our son from the public school system … Continue reading Stalled Out.

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